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Augment the size and shape of the buttocks by lipofilling

Also known as the BBL or Brazilian Lifting, increasing the volume of the buttocks by lipofilling consists of removing fat from different parts of the body and then injecting it into the buttocks. This technique is therefore natural and its effects long-lasting over time. This technique is different from the Colombian butt lift which is not an operation but a system of suction cups applied to the buttocks to theoretically increase their volume.


Why opt for a Brazilian butt Lift ?

Women who have lost the curve of their buttocks or who wish to have plumper and firmer buttocks often opt for lipofilling of the buttocks (the Brazilian butt lift). This process also allows them to enhance their buttocks so that they can find the body shape that suits them best.

The technique of increasing the volume of the buttocks by lipofilling is popular with many patients, the “product” injected into their buttocks being none other than their own fat. This solution not only allows them to reshape their buttocks but also their bodies by liposuction of excess fat that lines their abdomen or hips (among other possible areas). This procedure is also indicated for patients who have saddlebag thighs and who wish to remove them at the same time.

The increase in buttock volume by lipofilling is especially appreciated for its naturalness because, unlike buttock implants, the material used to reshape the buttocks comes from the patient’s own body. The result is therefore very harmonious whilst respecting the overall morphology of the individual. Finally, another great advantage of the Brazilian butt lift or BBL is the absence of a scar after the operation.