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What is DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI Hair Transplant means “direct hair implantation” and DHI in Turkey procedure is a new and innovative way for people who experience hair loss and need hair transplantation. For this surgical method, Choi implanter pen can be used. This technique can provide accurate, precise and effective transplants with the added benefit of each follicle. In order to achieve desired results, Troy Hair is there to help you. Troy Hair is able to conduct the DHI hair transplantation in Turkey. Let’s talk about this technique and its benefits.


Differences Between FUE and Hair Transplant DHI

FUE method itself is categorized into certain methods. DHI hair transplant method is in fact one of the FUE hair transplant methods. That is, DHI method, which stands for “Direct Hair Implantation” method is not a new method but only a different way of applying the FUE hair transplant method.

In order to develop the existing methods and get better results, different methods of application are tried out. One of these methods is DHI method or “direct hair transplant”, which is applying the hair taken from the donor area instantly, without waiting. In DHI hair transplant, a specially designed tool resembling a pen named choi is used. Due to the structure at the tip of the device that is used in it, DHI method is also called the choi method.