Hollywood Smile

Anyone who wants to have a more beautiful smile can achieve that dream thanks to modern technological advancements. As a result, anyone can have a smile known as the Hollywood smile. In simple words, it is the dentist’s creative technique of creating a set of perfectly straight and symmetrical teeth.

This type of smile provides a completely natural look. If you want to benefit from the smile design, which is popular in Turkey in recent years, you do not need to take a long leave from work or social life. In the hands of a highly skilled dental team, this well-recognized dental clinic will provide you with a first-class experience. Ask your dentist if you want to know more.

This smile concept is a cosmetic design for your mouth that allows you to have the Hollywood star smile in its most basic form. Lips, teeth and gums are in perfect harmony in this grin design. If you wish to have a charming smile, why not give your smile a makeover?

The appearance of the teeth and gums is very important in this design. It does not only includes women aesthetics but also man makeover. Other issues include how long it takes to create a smile, how much it costs, and what processes are involved. To achieve the suitable design of the smile, the dentist will present you several stages. What the patient needs in an aesthetic smile examination. Any dental diseases or gum disease should be addressed. This way, it is possible to correct problems such as asymmetry in the patient’s teeth.

If you have a problem with missing teeth, implant treatments is a solution to fix the appearance of your teeth. Later on, the patients can go back to their social life quickly. Remember that the treatments do not cause any pain or discomfort during this time. In our clinic, we will listen to your worries

Advantages of a Hollywood Smile

Because of the benefits of having a Hollywood smile, the application is very popular recently. Communication between patient and doctor is crucial when it comes to matching expectations with this smile. The physician should be able to evaluate the treatment outcome and the patient’s expectations and understand the patient’s expectations.

Fortunately, the specialist doctors of our clinic can perform this surgery effectively. The design is determined in advance, the patient’s approval is obtained, and the design is applied continuously. It is possible to get perfect results with this method.

Thank to this practice, both visually appealing and symmetrical teeth is achievable. Your teeth and gums will have a fresh healthy look. Choose the right smile for your face type and facial shape to give you a youthful look. As long as the program takes the user’s wishes into account, it is feasible to be 100% happy. It is no longer a cause of self-doubt when it comes to dentistry and dental difficulties.


Veneers are a solution to achieve your new look. Most veneers cover the front surface of natural teeth with a thin layer of medical grade porcelain. Dental veneers can change the smile of the patient in an instant. For the best fit, porcelain veneers are custom made for each patient. Tooth enamel-like polymers have been developed that mimic natural enamel in appearance.

Using veneers for a variety of aesthetic improvements, from orthodontic adjustments to teeth whitening, is an option dentists can use. Porcelain veneers are among the most popular and respected cosmetic dental operations due to their vibrant and natural appearance, as well as their wide range of applications.

Teeth Whitening

Fortunately, whitening your teeth is a simple process. One of the two tooth whiteners is used in whitening products. These bleaches lighten your teeth by breaking down the stains into smaller pieces.


A dental crown is a cap that covers an already existing tooth. It can improve the appearance of a decayed or cracked tooth, as well as strengthen and extend its life. Ceramic, porcelain, emax and metal are the most commonly used materials for crowns. After root canal treatment, dental crowns can be used to cover a broken or decaying tooth when the original tooth is damaged beyond repair. In addition to preventing a weak tooth from breaking, the filling can also act as an anchor for a bridge or denture.

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