Is Hair Implant Permanent?

Is Hair Implant Permanent

When you think of “hair transplants,” you might be envisioning the patchy, noticeable hair plugs of years past. But hair transplants have come a long way, particularly in the last decade.

Hair transplantation — sometimes called hair restoration — is an outpatient procedure that uses micrografting technology to donate your own hair follicles to other areas of your scalp that are thinning.

The results of a hair transplant are visibly long-lasting and are considered to be permanent. The procedure is also time-consuming and does involve a healing and recovery process. For these reasons, people who have already experienced significant thinning of the hair on their scalp are the typical candidates for a hair transplant.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Since the medical geniuses have invented and perfected the hair transplant operation, the rules of the hair restoration have changed. Because, a hair transplant operation can yield mind-blowing results, and can highly improve the everyday life of the patient.

After hearing all these incredible aspects of the operation, you might be asking ‘’is hair transplant permanent?’’. The answer is yes; the results of a successful hair transplant are permanent.

Moreover, the transplanted hair is your own natural hair, so the operation does not include anything synthetic. You can contact our facility now, and find out more about the things you can achieve with a hair transplant.

How to Have a Permanent Hair Transplant?

The doctors and other health professionals are the ones that do most of the elaborate work in a hair transplant. Therefore, choosing a good clinic with experienced doctors is one of the most important things you need to do. When you choose our facility for your hair transplant, you will have the tenderest of care from our doctors.


Hair loss or full baldness may be related to various reasons, and usually follows a wide range of patterns. In order to eliminate the source of the hair loss, first, we need to diagnose it accurately. Therefore, a doctor needs to pay close attention to your age, the pattern of hair loss and probable causes.

Otherwise, every patient gets the same diagnosis, and the results turn out to be very disappointing. Always remember that every step of a hair transplant surgery has to be individualized, and diagnosis is no exception either.Is it possible that you could need another?

It’s possible that your first hair transplantation procedure won’t be your last.

There are some candidates who will be told by their doctor that they need multiple “sessions” of transplant surgery to achieve the results that they want.

Other candidates are pleased with the results after their first hair transplant has healed, and later decide to try to fill out additional thinning patches on their head.


When your hair transplant procedure is done, it will take some time before you can see the results. As the transplanted sections of hair begin to heal, you may notice that you lose even more of your hair for the first few months. Your provider should reassure you that this is normal and to be expected.

Once your hair transplant has fully healed, you will see follicles of your own hair beginning to make an appearance. The hair will grow in and eventually be the same texture and length as the rest of your hair. Hair transplants performed by a micrograft can be cut, styled, and dyed according to your preference.

What to expect long-term

Your hair transplant should hold up over the long-term. It’s possible that as you age, the hair follicles will thin, but they will most likely produce at least some hair for the rest of your life.

If your hair thinning continues, your hairline won’t recede according to your former “pattern” of natural hair loss. Your provider should discuss with you, at length, the plan to make sure that your hair doesn’t look patchy or unnatural in the coming years after your hair transplant.


Can I use hair gel or hair mousse after a hair transplant?

The transplanted grafts and your scalp is going to be very sensitive during the recovery period of a hair transplant. You should avoid using hair styling products in this period. However, when you fully recover, you are free to use any sort of hair product you want. In any case, consulting your doctor would provide you with the best answer.

When can I shave after the hair transplant?

You should wait for about a month before having a haircut with scissors. If you want to have a haircut with a hair trimmer or a razor, you need to wait even longer.

Can I swim in the sea after a hair transplant surgery?

You are free to swim in the sea 3 weeks after the procedure. However, you should protect your scalp from the harmful effects of the sunlight. Also, your doctor will let you know when you will be able to do this kind of activities. The best solution is, in this case, to consult him.

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