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The global plastic surgery are expected to reach USD 43.9 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Technological developments, growing use of social media, and increasing disposable income are some of the factors likely to drive the market during the forecast period. What are the most popular plastic surgery procedures? How to make the right choice of clinic? And how much does it cost?

We are going to answer the following questions for you;

What are the most popular plastic surgery procedures?

Which country to choose for a plastic surgery?

What are the top 4 countries in the field of plastic surgery?

How much does a plastic surgery cost?

How to make the right choice of clinic for plastic surgery?

What questions should you ask the plastic surgeon?


The most popular procedures remains manipulations associated with changes in the size and shape of the mammary glands (including gynecomastia in men), upper and / or lower eyelid plastiy (blepharoplasty), including operations aimed at changing the incision of the eyes, changing the shape and size of the nose (rhinoplasty) , skin tightening, liposuction. To date, plastic surgery is available for almost all categories of individuals.


On the internet there are a lot of positive reviews about Doctors and Clinics which puts the person in a difficult situation about choice. Usually the choice has to be made between states with a traditionally high level of general medicine and countries that are leaders in the number of plastic interventions performed each year.

Based on my experience, patients often choose between Turkey, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Korea. I think that it is possible to get a satisfying result in any country, the main thing is to select a plastic surgery carefully.


There are TOP-4 countries, which today are leaders in the number of yearly performed aesthetic surgery interventions.

1.On the first place is no doubt the USA, only for last year 4 million U.S citizens have used the services of plastic surgeons.

2. On the second place is South Korea, where aesthetic surgery is very popular not only among Koreans themselve, but also foreigners who are coming here in abundance.

3. The third place can be deservedly given to Turkey, using the American standards this country has reached a high level not only in aesthetic medicine but also in other areas of medicine. Highly qualified doctors, international accreditation and certification within an affordable price range (in comparison with the EU countries) made Turkey very popular.

4. 4th place competitors can share among themselves countries such as Austria, Germany and IsraelSwitzerland is currently popular in the field of plastic surgery among patients from the premium class.


The operation cost is affected by fairly large number of factors. Main factors are the level and experience of the doctor, the cost of material (for example, implants of the mammary glands), the complexity of surgical intervention, as well as the price index in a chosen country.

The pricing index occupies the main place on this list, along with the experience of the doctor. The price policy for the operation using identical consumables performed by a plastic surgeon of professor level can fluctuate in range (for example, breast augmentation with anatomical teardrop shaped implants without tightening the breast skin using an implant of brand Mentor in Israel will cost 11000-12000 USD, whereas in Turkey the cost will be in the range of 3500-4500 Euros).

The quality of medical services and safety for the patient is confirmed by the availability of international certificates and accreditations. We personally check the compliance of medical centers and doctors with the declared qualifications and accreditations, regularly visiting clinics. Thus, when giving recommendations we are always confident in our words, but only the patient has to decide about his/her choice. The difference in price between countries is natural and does not affect the quality of medical services, provided a truly highly qualified doctor and a certificated medical center.

Operation Number 1 Time to return work 5
Operation Time 2-5 hours Recovery
Anestezi General Anestezi Persistence of Results Permanent
Sensitivity Time 1-3 Days Hospital Stay 0-1 night
Price EUR 3000 – EUR 5000


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