Unshaven Hair

What is Unshaven Hair Transplant?

No shave hair transplant is a hair transplant method that is recently having increasing demand from those who would like to have a hair transplant. Normally, in hair transplant treatments, the persons’ hair is cut very short before the operation. Those who would like to wear their hair at 20-25 centimetres may not want their hair to be shaved. Moreover, some people who really want to have a hair transplant give it up just because of this reason. In no shave hair transplant method, there is no need for the patients’ hair to be cut down. Thus, the patients are not left without hair until it starts to grow, and this makes patients happy.


What are the Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant Operation?

Since it has many advantages, no shave hair transplant method has been the most preferred method of persons who want to have hair transplants. We can break down these advantages in the following list:

Prior to the hair transplant, patients don’t have to have all of their hair cut. In some instances, the hair is not cut at all, in others, only a small portion of the hair is cut.

As all of the patients’ hair is not cut, the red spots that come about in the scalp following the operation are camouflaged.

In hair transplants done with this method, the patients do not need to wait for long months to see the difference they experience, they can immediately notice the difference.

In persons who choose this hair transplant method, there is no “hair transplant look” and their hair looks very natural. Thus, the patients can continue their daily lives more easily.