Gastric Sleeve

Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is an obesity reduction procedure that aims to minimize the size of the stomach. Obesity leads people to contrary psychological statues and also effecting their social life that will lead to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem, especially after trying multiple diets and result in failure.  

Luckily, due to the advancement of the technologies that are being used in the Bariatric operations, Operation became more reliable, and the recovery periods more rapid.  

International Plus provides a well-rounded team of doctors with years of experience in the Bariatric surgeries field that will provide you with quality and professional medical treatment.


How Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Turkey Performed?

Before you receive gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, you will meet with one of our world class surgeons for a thorough assessment before the operation. Significant changes to your diet are essential prior to your gastric sleeve in Turkey, and it is essential you maintain this discipline following the surgery for the best possible results. The procedure usually lasts about an hour, but it can take as long as 3 hours. You will be put under general anaesthetic for your gastric sleeve in Turkey, meaning you will not be conscious for the procedure, ensuring as much comfort for you as possible. The procedure is carried out laparoscopically (through an instrument inserted into the abdomen via keyhole surgery). Your surgeon at Vera Clinic will make a few small incisions on your belly, inserting the laparoscope to visually monitor the gastric sleeve surgery here in Istanbul. Following this, another medical instrument will be inserted, in order to remove up 70% or even 80% of the stomach. Finally, they’ll reattach the rest of your stomach to form a tube, or as the name of the surgery suggests, a sleeve.